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What is the Technical Innovation Consultancy?

The Technical Innovation Consultancy provides research and technical support services to industry, public bodies and government departments. The Consultancy has available well qualified and experienced consultants covering a range of expertise related to all aspects of the Construction Industry. Dependant upon the size and nature of the project an appropriate individual or team will be available to address the specific requirements of your project.

What sort of tasks have the Consultants Undertaken?

The experience of our consultants is very broad based and includes the following:

  • Development of New Design Methods
  • Product Research and Development
  • Support for Third Party Assessment and Code and Standards Development
  • Preparation of Design Guides, Approved Documents and Technical Guidance
  • Technical Representation and Support
  • Market Development

What R&D support can the Consultancy Offer?

Access is available to a wide range of test and research equipment located in associated university and private sector laboratories.

Who are the Consultants?

The principal of the consultancy is Professor John Roberts and currently there are eight consultants available to contribute to your project.

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Last updated 19th January 2021